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Social Media Manager

Crimson Day

Hi, Crimson here!

I’ve been involved with Vogue Collective before it existed. I have always felt aligned with the way Nikki wanted to run her agency. It has been incredibly rewarding being involved every step of the way!

Not long ago, we were just moving in, cleaning, painting and doing renovations. Shortly after, decorating and furnishing the space. The hard work getting Vogue up and running paid off rather quickly. Our roster has expanded and the extent of dedication and tasks have grown!

I have comfortably settled into my fixed position here, taking on various additional roles within the collective:

  • Management team
  • Phone, desk and admin duties
  • Scheduling of the staff each week
  • Social media team
  • Co-facilitate collective meetings
  • Conducting interviews
  • Holding space, mentorship and support for other providers and team members
  • President of “club no-pants” !!


I am looking forward to seeing how the future of the collective will unfold and am more than open to further discovering my place(s) within it. β™‘

Classy Crimson Day