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Let’s get personal with Your Girlfriend, Lula Blue!

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Originally from Vancouver Island, I now reside with my two dogs in our super sunny apartment. You may think I’m crazy for moving from the Island but it’s the skies of grey that keep me away. Needing sunglasses in negative 30-degree weather makes my soul happy. Besides, distance makes the heart grow fonder babe, and we can make this long-distance romance work I promise! Making my way back to Victoria every month so we can play of course. While I’m in town I get to work with all the lovely ladies at Vogue Collective. So don’t miss me too much while I’m gone, but if you do, visit my friends to wet that whistle!

You may be asking yourself “Gee, I wonder what Lula does with her free time when she’s not traveling around as a professional companion.” I will say that the girlfriend experience never truly stops when I’m gone. You could always follow me on my Twitter (@lulabluethebabe) or Instagram (@lulabluebabe) to keep up with what I’m up to. Or book some virtual services with me to keep in touch when we are apart. All that aside, it would be safe to assume that I’m off somewhere roller skating. Yes, the retro quad skates you used to dance around the roller rink in. Except, I dance around the city, jumping on curbs, over stairs, and sometimes weaving in and out of traffic. I dance on trails through the park or in a smooth parking lot. I bring my skates everywhere I go and am always looking for an opportunity for a smooth surface to roll on. Mostly though, I throw on a helmet and roll into the skate park. Dropping in bowls and doing tricks on-ramps. So if you see a bruise or two on me it’s definitely from roller skating.

Besides my skates, I’m also usually traveling with my dogs. I have two very small black poodle mixes. Dog Logan is a 5-year-old Cockapoo with a sassy attitude. Lucifer is a 5-month-old Pomapoo who doesn’t know the meaning of “calm.” They are both super friendly and love meeting my boyfriends. Extra brownie points if you bring toys for them. Extra, extra brownie points if you know which comic book character Dog Logan is named after.

I would consider myself a creative person. I love to draw and paint but creating in general with any visual medium gets me excited and I love learning new things. My Incall is a reflection of my creative nature. A bright, eclectic, and colorful space that makes me feel the most confident and at peace. Another art form I love is posing for photography or just taking photos and editing videos on my own. Getting dressed up in captivating outfits for themed photos or just sexy lingerie selfies are such a fun way for me to express myself. I like to decorate my body, from tattoos and body jewelry to gems on my teeth and of course my signature blue hair. Would it surprise you to know that I’ve been dying my hair blue since 2010? About 12 years now. One could assume that blue is my favorite color. Being an escort allows me to express myself in ways I am so grateful for.

Among these interests, I am super passionate about my advocacy work around sex work, mental health, and addiction. I’ve been in recovery from my alcoholism for just over three years now. After doing so much inner work to maintain my sobriety and stable mental well-being, I find fulfillment in getting to hold space for those who struggle in this way too. I also volunteer a lot of my time towards advocacy work to break down the stigma around sex work. You can find me speaking on a few podcasts and interviewed for a couple of articles humanizing my job as a pleasure provider. I could talk about these topics forever and am super open about them so please feel free to ask more about it when we get together.

Anyways, that’s enough about me babe. I would love to get to know YOU! Meeting new people and building genuine connections is my ultimate passion. Don’t hesitate, and reach out for a date! I don’t bite, I swear. (maybe just a nibble)

Xoxo – Lula

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