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So, it looks like Sex Work works for you! Part 3 of a 3-part series

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At this juncture of our series, we have established some vitally important steps in considering sex work as a viable business for you and you’re still here. Being a sex worker is all about you and that doing your industry research is the foundation for discovering your role in the industry. Knowing your boundaries is necessary to maintain an upward climb and that finding a tribe to work with is essential to your growth in the industry.

You have done your research and established for yourself that this is the field of work for you and have decided where you wish to start. Perhaps you have even identified how you’d like to grow your services and a timeline with which you’re comfortable working. You’ve decided whom you’d like to target and how to reach that demographic.

We welcome you to the beginning of a whole new world.

Today’s sex worker has options that yesterday’s sex workers never thought to imagine. The internet opened a whole new world for sex workers.

We now live in an era where being a ‘face out’ worker has benefits that far outweigh hiding your face in your advertising. But don’t get us wrong, you can still build a solid career while hiding your face.

Going forward these are the steps that will assist you in growing a successful business:

  1. Treat sex work like a business, keep records and books and claim your income.
  2. Build your brand using social media. IG, Twitter, Snapchat and Only-Fans are all sex worker-friendly platforms.
  3. Stay consistent with your marketing and quality of service. Be authentic.
  4. Invest in yourself. Spend your earnings on your own personal goals, don’t be frivolous, and stay focused.
  5. Remain consistent with your efforts and protect the image you’re putting so much effort into building.

Vogue Collective has an entire staff dedicated to helping you navigate your branding adventure. This is one of the many ways that we believe we stand out from the competition. We have several business licenses that cover all of the services you may wish to provide through our collective.

Our venue has been designed to accommodate all of your needs, with the elegance and class of a high-end establishment. Our administration is run by sex workers. Job positions within the collective are posted internally first, offering our collective the opportunity to make supplemental income, utilizing and appreciating all of your skills as an individual and as part of our collective.

You will find that all of our Babes are uniquely fabulous and supportive. We foster a drama-free environment by working as a team in all that we do.

Please contact our admin team to book your appointment to come in, visit our establishment and meet our collective of sex workers. We look forward to working with you on your new ventures!

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