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Are you thinking about becoming a Sex Worker?

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There must be so much on your mind, especially if sex work is a foreign industry to you. Yet the allure is so very real, so real that you find yourself reading this blog. Wondering is sex work for me?

Sex work. The industry that is still so taboo in our ever progressing and regressing world.

Most of us have been exposed to sexy imagery before puberty. Yet as we become adults we slowly adopt an attitude that suppresses and dehumanizes the people providing sexual service. So while we all have sexual undertones, kinks and fantasies surrounding our sexuality, we have been conditioned to suppress our primitive need for desire. This makes choosing sex work as a viable business opportunity, a very difficult decision to make.

We have taken the time to ask our friends here at Vogue what questions they had when considering coming to work in the industry. Together in this multi part blog series, we will help guide you through the most common questions and concerns. That have come up for our collective of providers as they made the decisions that lead them to our collective. We have complied a list of our top 10 pieces of advice for your consideration.

Remember one thing going forward, this industry is all about you. You are and should be your own boss, making your own decisions, setting your own boundaries and choosing the avenues that you will use to build and maintain your brand.

The top 10 pieces of advice from the babes at Vogue Collective, when you’re in the considerations stage, are:

  1. Do your industry research. Assess where you’d like to fit in.
  2. Know your boundaries and remain firm with them.
  3. Choose your targeted clientele and figure out how to best appeal to them.
  4. Focus your marketing on that demographic by knowing where to reach them.
  5. Work within a trustworthy and supportive collective of other sex workers. Find your tribe and vibe with them.
  6. Treat sex work like a business, keep records and books and claim your income.
  7. Build your brand using social media, IG, Twitter and Only-Fans are all sex worker friendly platforms.
  8. Stay consistent with your marketing and quality of service. Be authentic.
  9. Invest in yourself. Spend your earnings on your own personal goals, don’t be frivolous, be focused.
  10. Remain consistent with your efforts and protect the image you’re putting so much effort into building.

In the next serval blogs we will discuss each of these pieces of advice in greater detail. We will address the who, what, when, where and why’s to each consideration. Delving into some of the personal experiences and stories that have been shared with us about making the huge decision to adopt a taboo lifestyle, foraging a new world of empathy, acceptance and advocating on each others behalf.

Gone are the days when you brought your id into an agency and got put in a room with several other girls to sit and wait for whomever the agency sent you into see. The days of sitting pretty and doing what you’re told are truly on the way out the door.

Today you can find space where you are completely in charge of everything, empowered to embrace your authentic, sexiest self while making a healthy living doing so. Wether dancing, massaging, modelling or doing social events, sex has always sold but sexy is what sells best and sexy is best when it’s authentic.

We hope to tickle all your senses while proving you with a genuine and honest perspective on getting started in the sex work industry. In our next feature blog this is exactly what we will discuss. Where do you start your research and why is it important to do my own research?

In the meantime, please send us a text to come in and check out our establishment and talk more in person with our bad assed collective of sex workers.

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