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An introduction to Crimson Day

Crimson Day looking over beautiful lake in Victoria

Hi readers! If we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Crimson.

I have been involved in the sex work industry for over two years as a full service provider. Prior to that, I was dancing at strip clubs and private events for a couple of years on and off under a different name.
I have always admired and respected escorts and adult performers and saw it as something I would like to do, and had the passion to do it well! My sense of fulfillment within the industry mainly comes from pleasing others, and connecting. Being someone that can tap into what another human needs from me, whether connecting physically or emotionally, gives me some kind of euphoric satisfaction.

After bouncing around a couple agencies, a couple cities, and working independently in Victoria BC, I have now found the perfect home at the Vogue Collective!

My hobbies and likes include: nature walks, deep conversations, pillow talk, animals, pole dancing, making jewelry and embellishing lingerie, listening to 70s/80s era rock and metal (I also like hip hop, blues, EDM and heavy dubstep/bass, country, alternative rock, top 40 and pop, and pretty much anything with a good beat), dirtbiking and other bush activities, collecting crystals and unique little items from nature, the colors purple and pink (obviously!), documentaries, vegetarian food and sometimes seafood, shooting at the gun range, making creative art projects, organization, getting new tattoos, camping, music festivals, smoking weed.

My favorite clients: are respectful of my boundaries and time, have good hygiene, use communication when canceling or rescheduling our appointments, tease me and touch me till I am really excited and dripping wet, make friendly conversation, appreciate our visits and voice their admiration, cuddle and embrace me with fiery passion.

Escorting is not just a job or all about the money to me, I genuinely enjoy exploring sexual energies of a wide variety. I am attracted to people of all genders and get turned on by different people for a number of reasons. I DON’T have a “type”.
When in sessions with other women or with couples, I love to be the dominant woman, and to be dominated by the man. I like being told what to do by a man, but only in the bedroom! Mostly submissive but I can also be a switch and have playful bratty tendencies! 😝

Favorite things to receive as gifts:
• Weed
• Money (to treat me to things like getting my hair done, nails, spa days, massages, etc)
• Comfy oversized T-shirts (Men’s size large)
• Vintage items or cute little trinkets
• Items that hold meaning to you or remind you of me
• Pretty journals/notebooks and fancy calligraphy pens
• Sexy shoes (Size 9)
• Pretty much anything from metaphysical or “witchy” shops
• Watermelon candies, dark chocolate, coffee (vanilla latte or 2 cream 2 sugar)
• Anything with dragons, faeries or folklore ♡
• Lingerie or clothing you would like me to wear for you (Size Medium/36 C bra)

Oh yeah, and I am single. I am happiest as a free spirit so I don’t date. My clients are my only boyfriends. All my attention and focus is on you like the good girl I am. I want to caress you, touch you, kiss you all over, play and explore with you, find out what you need and fulfill that. I want to know your turn ons and kinks and experiences. I want to hear your stories and joke with you and feel like we have not only a sexual bond, but a friendship. I want you to feel heard, appreciated and wanted. I want to provide a non judgmental atmosphere where you can let your guard down. I want you to crave more. An authentic girlfriend experience is guaranteed in every session. It’s naturally who I am, might as well earn a living off it! Let’s get lost in each other. 😍


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