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Hi I’m Josie, here to make all your hair dreams come true with a little extra spice and expression!

You’re probably all wondering where this idea came from so here’s a little back story about how and why I started offering haircuts half naked.
I’ve been in the industry for almost 10 years & as an artist who likes to break boundaries have expressed and found myself by learning and creating day to day as a barber in Victoria BC.
As we all know styles come and go as trends change all the time, but in Victoria I find Our city is becoming much more vibrant and  gentrified as the years go on and it’s only necessary to change with those times.
I have always been someone who lives on the edge,  takes risks, and as a jet setter I am always working on something behind the scenes in hopes of creating something special and unique.
Today, I stand in lingerie twice per week where I offer top notch service to clients of all genders at a private downtown location at Vogue Collective Victoria BC.
I look at this as an expression of my own creativity, and an appreciation of the human body woman or not as an all around experience. I take pride in my work. As a people pleaser, I enjoy working hard to find out how to make you feel as comfortable and as confident as possible for your day to day or special occasion.
My work as a half naked barber is unconventionally risqué bringing a vibrant alternative to anyone looking for a less conservative and more open & accepting environment to come to. This is not your average haircutting experience and is definitely not one you will want to miss!
Looking forward to seeing you soon and thanks for reading 💋

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